Asian Women Giving Circle: Video and PHOTO Samples

This video sample and photo gallery were shot during the March 2017 final presentation of the first lab of Florante at Laura in Manila, Philippines, performed by a select group of local theater artists comprised of undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students from the University of the Philippines-Diliman Department of Speech Communication and Theatre Arts, and supported by Prudencio’s 2017 Julie Taymor World Theater Fellowship and by UP-Diliman as part of their UP Arts Month.

The week-long lab studied the source poem and its verse structure, identified its dramatic arc, and made clear that the 18th-century poem’s conflict between Christianity and Islam is even more relevant today. Through theater games, character movement exercises, improvised soundscapes using voice and Foley work, the artists devised the major settings of the story, including the magical forest where the characters travel through and are transformed by their journey.